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Jump Water Skis

If you enjoy even more a challenge while water skiing, try ski jump! For this the skier needs two longer sized skis. You are still pulled along by the boat and you can use only the boat for speed or you can do cuts to add spend and length to your jumps. In ski jumping in order to get a good score you must land and maintain good control of your ski. You can also form a team of ski jumpers and do jumps together. Although this will require quite a bit of skill.

These skis are longer and look like old fashioned skis. Jump skis may use different materials to make them. The different materials can enhance the ski and make it patented to ski jumping.

Many companies make great jump skis. Cut 'N Jump skis are great and made specifically for jump skiing. You can find these on EBay. Used Jump skis come at a great price and on EBay you always get quality merchandise.

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